Green Cleaning

In today's world it is important for every person to do their part to help reduce our carbon footprint. Recycling programs for paper, plastic, aluminum and glass is only one step of many that we can implement to become more environmentally friendly. At All Pro Cleaning Systems we promote and use "Green Cleaning" techniques, equipment and chemicals to better serve our customers and the environment.


  • Turn off lights in areas where work is completed to reduce energy waste
  • Use chemical mixing dispensers to properly measure accurate amounts of concentrated products - keeps waste to a minimum and improves efficiency
  • Switch to recycled paper products and environmentally friendly consumables


  • Pro Team HEPA back pack and upright vacuum cleaners
  • Maxi Jolly Mopping System - split bucket keeps clean & dirty water separated
  • Microfiber dust mops, wet mops, cloths and dusters
  • Boost Autoscrubbers - random orbital scrubber that uses 70% less water than traditional disk machines
  • High Speed Burnishers with HEPA vacuum filters
  • Blend Buddy II™ Wall-Mount Dispenser


EnvirOx Products:

  • EPA Registered H2Orange2® Concentrate
  • 117 Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Sanitizer/Virucide/ HBV
  • Mineral Shock® Mineral Remover/Bowl Cleaner

In using these products, All Pro Cleaning Systems is able to greatly improve the indoor air quality of any building. Poor quality indoor air can create health problems ranging from headaches and dry eyes to nausea, dizziness and fatigue. The EnvirOx chemical line has a low fragrance that will not irritate employees' allergies or sensitivities. Studies have shown that a healthy indoor air quality generates a more productive work environment.